Sunday, November 29, 2009

Upcycle Those Wool Sweaters

I love wool sweaters.  I search for them everywhere I go, well every thrift store I go to be more accurate.  I lovingly bring these beautiful artifacts home especially the cashmere ones.  I throw them in the wash with searing hot water, detergent and some jeans just to beat them up a while, sometimes when they don't behave I have to do it twice.  Oh, they are so compliant when they come out, ready for anything, eager to please, warm, waterproof, and they don't fray, just a delight.

Wool sweaters are just so versatile, I thought I had seen everything when I came across this, I had to try it.
  Pomander Tutorial
There are a few things I changed, mainly I used a large needle to secure the base of the flower rather than glue, it only takes a few stitches and there's no drying time.  I must have a thing against white glue, couldn't imagine why, maybe it's because I'm a messy crafter, I used a hot glue glue instead to attach the rosettes to the ball and it worked just fine.

When I try this one again, I'm going to go for more pastel colours and less variation, the browns and blues just don't seem to work, it needs more subtle tones though I do like the bow.

If you like the flowers there's a great video tutorial here by Betz White,
 Sweater Flower Pins Tutorial
it's also her pomander tutorial that I've linked to.  I was so inspired after watching it that I was making flower pins until the wee hours last night.

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