Saturday, November 28, 2009

Funky Recycled Crafts

Who wouldn't love an adorable button dog to take home.  I found this little guy at a craft fair the boys and I were participating in.  The family had made a series of button ornaments but the children were only willing to sell this one lone doggie.  Unfortunately I was not the lucky purchaser but I was able to grab a few pictures with permission from his new owner.
After some research I found some instructions on Martha Stewart
button ornaments

We'll be making a bunch in the next few days and I'll post a tutorial with lots more pictures then.
They look pretty easy and oh so cute.

I also saw on Martha Stewart some button wreaths, very cute.
button wreath
Check out the tree in the background made from felted sweaters, I think that brings us up to 4 uses so far.  My friend promised to send me the instructions for this one and I'll post as soon as she does.  Basically it's just circles in diminishing sizes with a pattern.  She ran a wire up the top and finished it with a button, very sweet.
Instructions as promised, thanks Zoe
instructions for upcycled sweater tree


  1. Charlene here's a link to a tutorial for those trees. There are other ones but they are all pretty similar.

  2. i was looking for something a bit more useful and quirky but thanks for the sggestion